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Sprite Shape Shows Error in Console When Shape Profile has Angle Range 180, -180

Package: 2D Sprite Shape


Sprite Shape Shows Error in Console When Shape Profile has Angle Range 180, -180

Repro Steps:
1. Upgraded from Sprite Shape 3.0.8 to 3.0.9.
2. Got the following error in the console:

InvalidOperationException: Mesh data has reached Limits. Please try dividing shape into smaller blocks.
UnityEngine.U2D.SpriteShapeGenerator.CopySegmentRenderData (UnityEngine.U2D.SpriteShapeGenerator+JobSpriteInfo ispr, Unity.Collections.NativeSlice`1[UnityEngine.Vector3]& outPos, Unity.Collections.NativeSlice`1[UnityEngine.Vector2]& outUV0, Unity.Collections.NativeSlice`1[UnityEngine.Vector4]& outTan, System.Int32& outCount, Unity.Collections.NativeArray`1[System.UInt16]& indexData, System.Int32& indexCount, Unity.Collections.NativeArray`1[T] inVertices, System.Int32 inCount, System.Single sOrder) (at....

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 3.0.10):

    Issue is resolved in 3.0.10 and 4.0.2 versions of the 2D SpriteShape package.

Comments (2)

  1. Pattrigue

    Sep 01, 2023 13:59

    I still get this issue in version 9.0.2 in Unity version 2022.3.8 LTS. It breaks my game completely, as it causes most level geometry to just outright disappear.

    I am stuck using an old version of Unity because of this. How has this not been fixed yet?
    It's unacceptable.

  2. brendan122

    Aug 30, 2022 16:17

    I get this issue in version 7.0.6 of the plugin. I am generating / editing the spline at runtime and when I add a tenth point to the spline it returns this error.

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