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Sprite Atlas remains loaded in memory after scene change or unloading assets



Sprite Atlas remains loaded in memory after scene change or unloading assets

Repro steps:
* In attached project, open SampleScene and enter Playmode, use Frame Debugger to observe sprites in scene referencing atlas textures
* Using Memory profiler capture, observe atlas Texture2D reference in memory
* Press 'Space' to open empty scene, press '1' to unload all unused assets or '2' to unload all atlases
* Using Memory profiler capture, observe atlas Texture2D reference is still in memory

Expected results: Sprite atlas and atlased textures should not be in memory after switching scene or being unloaded

Actual results: Sprite atlas and atlased textures remain in memory after switching scene or being unloaded

Test platforms: Windows 11

  1. Resolution Note:

    In playmode, it is expected to have Texture2D and SpriteAtlas references in memory even if they are referenced in other scenes
    Outside playmode, SpriteAtlas references in memory are expected but in itself consumes very little memory (a few properties and references) usually in KBs. The editor's memory profiler might show larger memory used due to the Editor window itself and other editor objects that use extra memory

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