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Fixed in 2023.2.2f1, 2023.3.0a14, 2024.1.0a1



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Spot Light is brighter when Lighting is baked in Batch mode



Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached project “LightmappingBatchIssue-2023.1”
2. Bake the Lighting using Test > Run
3. Wait until the Bake finishes and observe the results in the Game view
4. Close the opened project
5. Using a Command Line Interface open the project using this command “{Unity Path} -projectPath {Project Path} -batchmode -executeMethod "MyTestMenu.Run" -quit”
6. Wait until Unity finishes executing commands and closes
7. Open the “LightmappingBatchIssue-2023.1” again and observe the results in the Game view

Expected result: The Lighting baking results are the same
Actual result: The Spot Light baked in Batch mode is brighter than in Editor

Reproducible with: 2023.1.0a20, 2023.1.11f1, 2023.2.0b7, 2023.3.0a3
Not reproducible with: 2021.3.30f1, 2022.3.8f1, 2023.1.0a19

Reproducible on: macOS 13.4.1 (c), Windows 10
Not reproducible on: No other environment tested

Note: Couldn’t confirm reproduction on macOS using 2023.1.0a19 because of GameObjects not rendering and constant warnings “Metal: Fragment shader missing texture binding at index 3 (unity_Lightmap / Universal Render Pipeline/Lit)”

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