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Fixed in 2018.1

Fixed in 2017.3, 2017.4



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EditorOverhead takes significantly more time after 2017.3.0a5

Scene/Game View


Steps to reproduce:
1. Open user's attached project
2. Play the scene
3. In profiler, sort methods by "Time ms"
4. Observe EditorOverhead is taking 2-4 ms

Expected result: Overhead is not slower in newest Unity versions, takes 0.04-0.06 ms
Actual result: Overhead is slower than it was older Unity versions, takes 2-4 ms

Reproduced with: 2017.3.0f3, 2017.3.0b7, 2018.1.0a7
Not reproduced with: 5.5.5p1, 5.6.4p1, 2017.1.2p4, 2017.2.1f1, 2017.3.0a4
Regression since 2017.3.0a5

Fixed in 2018.2.0a2

Comments (13)

  1. 1efc2ddd710fe34bbc1053cd4a82bafc?d=mm


    Mar 07, 2019 00:05

    in 2017 LTS I'm getting 10-15 SECONDS(10000 - 15000ms) of overhead making the profiler a completely useless window. Before you ask, no I do not have any custom editor windows open.
    Game, Heirarchy, Project, Inspector (with nothing selected) and TestRunner

  2. 24abc1a4743f4f7dbeb2bf798456609f?d=mm


    Feb 04, 2019 21:21

    This issue isn't fixed.

  3. 8a99d41ba2013511898593ea2c9067e7?d=mm


    Dec 14, 2018 11:36

    Still Not fixed in Unity 2018.3

  4. 1b5f8577caccf146c1f9418cbaf6d9a9?d=mm


    May 24, 2018 18:22

    This is not fixed. Everything runs smoothly on 2017.3.1f1 and I get drops to under 30fps constantly.

    Although, maybe it's something changed that has to do with gfx.WaitForPresent as that is taking up a great deal of the frame time. I can reproduce it with a very basic project with a single sprite moving across the screen.

  5. F9dbb94cc0a1584850bcf3d7b491bf17?d=mm


    May 19, 2018 14:33

    Confirmed still not fixed in 2018.1.0f2

  6. Cb40d233de26c6a9c67b09bfb414febb?d=mm


    May 07, 2018 15:57

    2018.1.f2 is still has this issue!!!

  7. 6efdb0de3d9e5322754975147981da58?d=mm


    Apr 11, 2018 02:33

    it's not fixed on the lastest patch....

  8. A8237b083f91a979d76c614da5f37d08?d=mm


    Mar 25, 2018 00:14

    will this be fixed in 2017.3? ever since I went from 2013.0 to 2013.1 I've had various bugs affecting me, i'm quite scared to go to 2018 now.

  9. 65537d50dc2b48a66a8207db8e5fe718?d=mm


    Mar 05, 2018 17:18

    I'm having the same problem in 2017.3.1f1 and 2017.3.1p2. Even after a computer reboot and with a fresh Unity project EditorOverhead took 30ms according to the profiler.

  10. 81cbdd4d6aaa3576f6e33e511d8bfacc?d=mm


    Feb 27, 2018 13:29

    Same problem for me it seems it started from 2017.3 and all version after that I tried (Unity 2018.1.0b7 was the last one I tried including patches for 2017.3) had that massive overhead not always but when it comes at the start of a scene you can open profiler and close it again and it will be gone for a while at least.

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