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[SketchUp] Add support for SketchUp 2016 import

Asset and Scene Management



Priority: 7Not yet prioritized for a release


Severity: 3Workaround is possible

Repro steps:
1) Open the project SketchupRepro
2) Notice the two files - Untitled and Untitled2015
3) Notice Untitled is recognized as Sketchup model, but doesn't import correctly
4) Open it up in Sketchup and Save as Sketchup 2015
5) Notice the model is now imported correctly in Unity (this was done and saved as Untitled2015)

Reproduced in 5.4.0b11; 5.3.4p1; 5.2.4f1

Comments (1)

  1. 796257c17c0d3d0e342e65f5c8d6b671?d=mm


    Feb 17, 2017 01:45

    If you're not going to fix this soon, you could at least update to notify people of the issue.

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