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[SinglePassStereo] Upgrading a project from 5.3 to latest combined stereo = tearing and no skybox



1) Create a new project in 5.3
2) set target platform to windows 64
3) enable VR mode
4) plugin oculus or other device
5) Press play and observe normal rendering
6) Upgrade project to 5.4.0b14 or 5.4.0b13 combined stereo branch
7) Ensure VR mode is enabled
8) Enable Single Pass stereo rendering
9) Enter Play mode
10) Observe the skybox does not render
11) Observe that objects in the scene tear as you look around

Expected behavior:

Skybox renders and no tearing on objects.

Initially I thought this was a WebPlayer Deprecation problem but it turned out to be an upgrade issue.

The skybox and objects in the scene will render normally if you create a new project in this branch

Version 5.4.0b13 (ec6cfcbfb048)
Tue, 29 Mar 2016 16:50:21 GMT
Branch: 5.4/vr/combined-stereo

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