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[Shuriken][Collision] "Planes" collision mode keeps displaying the collision plane even after module is switched to "world"



The visual representation of the collision plane is still visible even when the collision method is switched to world if the transform to it is still assigned.

Repro steps:

1. Open PlaneCollision scene from attached project.
2. Select the Particle System and enable the Collision module.
3. Make sure it's set on "Planes" and assign any Transform to it.
4. Change Visualization to grid and back to solid to preview the plane.
5. Rotate the view around the scene until you see the collision plane.
6. Now switch the Collision module to use "World" instead of "Plane".
7. Observe how the collision plane is still visible.

Expected outcome: collision plane to not be visible when using world collisions.

- tested for regression in 5.3.1f1 and issue is still present

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