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[Culling] Shuriken is culling particles when we're using SetParticles




Priority: 3Not yet prioritized for a release


Severity: 3Secondary functionality broken

Steps to reproduce :

- open the test scene and press play
- notice that when the particle system leaves the camera's frames all the particles vanish

Possible workarounds:
1. keep emission module enabled.
2. set particle's startLifetime to float.MaxValue
3. do 1 call to Emit() prior to setting the particles.

Comments (14)

  1. 82fa022c45781b2dbafaa7e93af1fc34?d=mm


    May 07, 2016 09:59

    I'm currently still on 5.2 and just uncovered this issue. Fine in editor but particles vanishing when running from .exe.

    The simplest workaround for me was I created a simple Sphere, attached my transform containing the Particle System to the Sphere. Set the Sphere Mesh to disabled and then scripted to move the sphere in front of the camera in Update.

    Solves the problem completely as the parent object is always within the camera view, even when made invisible by turning of the Mesh Renderer.

    void Update () {
    transform.position = Camera.main.transform.position;
    transform.position = transform.position + transform.forward * 20.0f;
    transform.position = transform.position + transform.up * -20.0f;

  2. 4f1fac4175986313d0bd0d13bc9303f2?d=mm


    Mar 24, 2016 21:30

    I am having this problem since I upgraded to 5.3.4f1 (was fine on 5.3), on any Windows builds, but it runs fine on the editor. Waiting for 5.4 :)

  3. 845bec24beb5ad8ba7d2fd657d5b45d1?d=mm


    Nov 26, 2015 13:41

    and within 5.2 it is still not fixed :(

  4. Bb6fd797f5981d0c1c6a9cff1834c4e1?d=mm


    Mar 23, 2015 10:58

    this doesnt work

    Set up another camera (You can set it to render NOTHING and not clear) and point it at your system. Bam, no longer culls. Move your other cameras with reckless abandon!

    or at least not for me : /

  5. Bb6fd797f5981d0c1c6a9cff1834c4e1?d=mm


    Mar 23, 2015 10:55

    i too have this issue : /

    i'd expect a simple flag to turn off culling would be easy to add?

  6. 81f6f17625b20e2ae7c0e8bec3440a49?d=mm


    Jan 01, 2015 18:59

    Just for the record, I found a real quick and dirty workaround. Set up another camera (You can set it to render NOTHING and not clear) and point it at your system. Bam, no longer culls. Move your other cameras with reckless abandon!

    Still would be nice to disable culling but this works for my cases.

  7. A84870c44ce75b779dc7230e4ab0d9db?d=mm


    Oct 09, 2014 03:47

    Just ran into this one myself. Unsuccessfully tried all sorts of work-arounds, but may have to just bite the bullet and offset all of the particles from the emitter so it can stay in the frame (lame!)

  8. F11d9357648fe1f1aee6ad6d5e9e4b50?d=mm


    Oct 06, 2014 19:59

    It's time to give us the ability to disable automatic culling on shuriken particle systems! Please Unity!!

  9. D5a7ca08c3292d026658846459d1c39b?d=mm


    May 30, 2014 15:01

    Shuriken is useless when emit the particles by script (particleSystem.SetParticles ()). I have the issue that all the particles disappear when it is off the screen.

  10. E8ee1d80e794fcdaede80aa364001dee?d=mm


    Apr 25, 2014 22:38

    Happens for me too. I think if the center of the particle system moves off-screen then the whole set of particles gets culled...really unfortunate because the particle system is quite useful.

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