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"Should not be capturing when there is a hotcontrol" logs appear when changing property values after removing search query



Repro steps:
1. Open user attached project
2. In the Hierarchy, select "Main Camera"
3. From the Camera component, open Target Texture's Object Picker (small circle icon to the right of the property)
4. From the opened Object Picker window type something into the Search Bar
5. Press the cross button on the right to remove the search query
6. From the Camera component, press on the Background parameter
7. In the opened Color window, press and hold on the colored circle and drag your mouse to change the color

Expected result: Color is changed without any logs thrown
Actual result: "Should not be capturing when there is a hotcontrol" logs are thrown in the Console

Reproducible with: 2019.3.0a6, 2019.3.0b5, 2020.1.0a6
Not reproducible with: 2017.4.32f1, 2018.4.10f1, 2019.3.0a5

Note1: Bug also appears with other components
Note2: Log appears by selecting other parameter values as well, although it only appears once

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