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Shadows fail to cast in this scene



Shadows fail to cast in this scene

This scene shadows fail to render, there is two reasons, first is LWRP still listens to the shadows setting in Quality Settings so if shadows are off there then the sahdow pass fails to execute. Second then it is enabled in quality settings the shadow pass is empty, this might be connected to mixed lighting being baked then disabled.

Repo steps:
1) Open attatcehd project
2) Load sample scene

Expected results: Shadows are cast from the spheres
Actual result: No shadows are cast in the scene

Repoed with LWRP 5.3.1 in 2019.1a5

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2019.2):

    When an SRP is active now the shadow controls are handled by the SRP rather than the hidden quality setting.

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