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Shadow moves in relation to the object that casts it when using a custom projection matrix



Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached project "ShadowProjection 5.0"
2. Open the scene "Scene"
3. Select the camera and change it's "Oblique" value
4. In the game view notice when you change the "Oblique" value the shadows will move relative to the objects that cast them (see Oblique.gif)
5. Open the project "ShadowProjection" in Unity 4.6
6. Open the scene "Scene"
7. Select the camera and change it's "Oblique" value
8. Notice that the shadow stays in its place

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  1. Alkann

    Apr 10, 2015 18:34

    Same problem for me with a custom projection matrix, posted here if it can help :

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