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Shaders become unlit when RenderTexture Anti-aliasing is active and Camera RenderingPath is set to Deferred



When using a RenderTexture with Anti-Aliasing turned on, the object shaders become unaffected by lights if the MainCamera Rendering Path is set to Deferred.

1. Open attached project
2. Open GAME scene
3. Observe unlit models in Game view
4. To return shaders to normal either:
a) In Assets folder go to Graphics -> BaseMaterials to find the RenderTexture "SCREEN" and set it to "None"
b) In SceneView find Main Camera and set the Rendering Path to anything but "Deferred" (for example "Forward")

Expected outcome: Objects represented on the RenderTexture are lit up, have proper shadows, they react to different lighting.
Actual outcome: Objects become unlit, unreactive to different lighting.

Reproduced on versions 5.6.0b3, 5.6.0b6, 2017.1.0a4
Failed to Reproduce on versions 5.5.2f1, 5.5.0p2.

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