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[ShaderGraph] Voronoi output can not be used directly for Colorspace Conversion

Package: Shader Graph


Steps to reproduce : 
- In a shadergraph, do the nodes setup as bellow :


Expected : Both Colorspace Conversion nodes should display the same preview

Result : HSV -> RGB conversion only works if some nodes are placed between the Voronoi and Conversion. Multiple combinations are possible.

Notes : 
While adding an operation in between the nodes fixes the preview, it is not enough to fix the final rendering of the shader on an object : 

  1. Resolution Note:

    This is an awkward side-effect of how preview code gen differs from the final shader code gen. Some sanitization and value normalization occurs to make sure the outputs of a preview provide meaningful feedback in a color range.

    In this case-- if you were to saturate and then normalize the voronoi node output, it would then work with the colorspace conversion node. The Contrast, Saturation, and Hue nodes can also be used to translate the voronoi output in a few different ways.

    This speaks to a larger need to improve support for HSV and maybe have better documentation on what a node's expected output ranges are. I'm marking this as a feature request, as it speaks to a few less intentionally designed pieces of the tool leaving a user with unclear feedback.

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