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Setting Wireframe alpha color setting to 0 doesn't make wireframe transparent

Scene/Game View


1. Open new project in 5.4.0f1
2. Attach a Cube gameobject to scene
3. Set scene Shading mode to Wireframe
4. In Edit->Preferences select Colors tab
5. Set Wireframe and Wireframe active alpha values to 0 ( Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 11.04.37 AM.png for reference)

Notice that wireframe on selected cube is still visible.

Expected result: Wireframe of selected cube is transparent.
Actual result: Wireframe of selected cube is still visible

Repro on: 5.4.0f1, 5.4.0b15, 5.4.0b8

No repro on 5.3.5p7

Comments (3)

  1. Kaitlynjohn

    Jul 16, 2020 08:44

    Thanks for giving an idea about the settings to 0 which doesn't make a wireframe transparent. I don't think that everyone knows about it this will be really helpful for them. These posts are really helpful to know about various things related to Unity software.

  2. MargaretMaxwell

    Jan 12, 2020 12:46

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  3. timmerish

    Jul 28, 2016 21:40

    Was able to repro this issue on 5.4.0f3 as well.

    Note: the color's alpha parameter is ignored completely (not just at a value of 0).

    This bug makes it more difficult to adjust colors/lighting/etc of a detailed mesh object, because the object is completely covered by wireframe lines.

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