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Scrolling shadergraph dragging an edge connection to the side of window is slower when framerate is lower

Package: Shader Graph


Repro steps:
1. Open Assets -> Shaders -> ColoredPencil.shadergraph
1.5. If there are previews displayed (there shouldn't be but adding this step just in case) right click and choose "collapse all previews"
2. click a node edge as if you were going to connect an output/input to something, and drag it to the side of the shadergraph, the shadergraph will start scrolling
3. Observe the speed at which it scrolls
4. Right click the shadergraph and select "expand all previews"
5. Click a node edge again and drag it off screen
Expected result: the scrolling speed should control for delta time and scroll at the same approximate speed
Actual result: the scrolling speed is slower with the reduced framerate

Note: if you are doing this on a powerful computer and the framerate does not drop with all previews open, attempt reproducing this on a less powerful machine, or add a bunch of preview nodes to the shadergraph to slow it down

  1. Resolution Note:

    Low priority defect and unlikely to be fixed for the near future.

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