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SceneManager.sceneUnloaded gets called when interacting with objects using materials in Editor

Scene Management


Steps to reproduce:
1.Open attached ‘' Unity project
2.Enter Play mode
3.Select ‘Cube’ object in Hierarchy
4.Select any different object in Hierarchy

Expected results:
Nothing unusual happens
Actual results:
SceneManager.sceneUnloaded function is called and a Debug message is displayed in Console

Reproduced in: 2017.3.0a6, , 2017.2.0b10, 2017.1.1f1, 2017.1.0f1, 2017.1.0b2
Didn’t reproduce in: 2017.1.0b1, 2017.1.0a1, 5.6.3p2, 5.5.4p4
Regression introduced in: 2017.1.0b2

Note: The function is called twice when MeshRenderer/SpriteRenderer/etc material is changed. Updating of materials might be the cause of this issue.

Comments (5)

  1. Arkade

    Jan 25, 2018 12:45

    I'm seeing this in 2017.3.0f3. It isn't completely clear which version the "hotfix" went into. Also no link to the hotfix here or in the linked thread that I could find. (sorry if I'm being blind)

  2. JimHL

    Dec 13, 2017 03:17

    Edit: It's not work!, select to particle and it's still fire the bug!

  3. JimHL

    Dec 13, 2017 03:04

    Hot fix by @hatsuko work like a charm! Thanks!

  4. Hatsuko

    Dec 02, 2017 14:14

    In case somebody needs it

    void OnSceneUnloaded (Scene scene) {
    System.Diagnostics.StackTrace st = new System.Diagnostics.StackTrace();
    System.Diagnostics.StackFrame sf = st.GetFrame(st.FrameCount-1);
    if (sf.GetMethod().Name == "OnDisable") { // Or sf.GetMethod().DeclaringType == typeof(UnityEditor.MaterialEditor)

    Debug.Log("Do something...");

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