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[Rider][Asset Database V2] Editor crashes on exit when External Script Editor is set to Rider 2019.3 EAP 7

Package: Rider


How to reproduce:
1. Download Rider IDE 2019.3 EAP 7
2. Create a new Unity project
3. Set this version of Rider as the external script editor in Unity Preferences
4. Close and open Unity(the crash does not occur if the Preferences window was opened at least once since launch)
5. Once Unity loads close the Editor again

Expected result: the Editor does not crash
Actual result: the Editor crashes

Reproducible with: 2019.3.0b6, 2019.3.0f2, 2020.1.0a7, 2020.1.0a15
Not reproducible with: 2017.4.35f1, 2018.4.14f1, 2019.2.16f1, 2019.3.0b5, 2020.1.0a1, 2020.1.0a6

Reproducible with package versions: 1.1.0, 2.0.0
Not reproducible with package versions: 1.0.8

Only reproducible with Asset Pipeline V2
Opening the Preferences window before closing Unity does not crash the Editor

Comments (2)

  1. LeonhardP

    Jan 07, 2020 16:22

    Yes, the backport to 2019.3 is in progress.

  2. ito123456789

    Jan 03, 2020 13:49

    Will this be backported to the final 2019.3? or 2019.4?

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