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Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets unloads textures that are only referenced by MaterialPropertyBlocks

Graphics - General


When using a MaterialPropertyBlock to set a texture for a material, if the texture not referenced somewhere else, it gets unloaded when calling Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open the scene MaterialPropertyBlock.unity
2. Enter Play Mode
3. Note that the texture on the cube is loaded at runtime
4. Press Space to call Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets

Result: Note that the cube turns to black.

Note: Removing the [PerRendererData] attribute from the _MainTex property of the ShaderTest shader shows how after unloading unused assets the texture used by the material becomes null.

Reproduced with: 2017.2.0b2, 2017.1.0f2, 5.6.2p2, 5.5.4p1.

  1. Resolution Note:

    ShaderPropertySheet is volatile data/unserialized data and therefore can't be tracked easily. The workaround is to either keep a dummy material reference in the scene or reuploading the texture to GPU upon calling UnloadUnusedAssets.

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