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RenderTexture wrap mode does nothing



RenderTextures completely ignores the wrap mode set in the inspector when they are sampled in a shader.

Tested in 2020.2.0b8 and 2020.1.0f1

Repro steps:
- Import the UnityPackage attached and load the Repro scene
- Look at the cube which has a material with a RenderTexture assigned to it
- The texture doesn't tile even if the wrap mode is set to Repeat in the RenderTexture settings.

Alternative Repro from scratch:
- Create a new Scene
- Create a new Render Texture in the project window and set it as a target in the camera
- Create a new material and assign the render texture to the albedo
- In the material inspector, change the UV tiling to 5 and update the Render texture wrap mode to repeat
- Observe that the texture doesn't repeat itself.

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