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[Regression] Hitting 'Apply' on a prefab with cloth collider creates multiple Mesh Collider components

Assets Management



Priority: 2Necessary for shipping a final release


Severity: 3Workaround is possible

How to reproduce:
1. Create new project file
2. Add a new 3D GameObject in Hierarchy Window
3. Add Cloth component
4. Drag GameObject to Project folder to make it a prefab
5. Select GameObject in the Hierarchy Window and repeatedly hit 'Apply' in Inspector

Actual result: Hitting 'Apply' on a prefab with cloth collider creates multiple mesh collider components

Reproduced with: 2017.3.0f3, 2018.1.0b1
Not reproduced with: 2017.2.1p1

Regression since: 2017.3.0a7

Comments (9)

  1. 1539b7799d4fb269d2681f5733dc947f?d=mm


    Mar 06, 2018 07:43

    Just upgraded to 2017.3. Cloth is ESSENTIAL in our game and this is requires a patch ASAP.

  2. 8b62b56e32e85c740ceb8f80d0b3d07e?d=mm


    Feb 26, 2018 00:14

    link to duplicate issue # 960479 is dead!

  3. 9d4bd236d332dd88c5f1f215be52916e?d=mm


    Feb 22, 2018 17:34

    link to duplicate issue # 960479 is dead.

  4. F0a3bb83ad222e04dc7750bfc671816f?d=mm


    Feb 21, 2018 01:59

    Link is dead....

  5. A72d58d0dceb7674d4136be971b3f4fd?d=mm


    Feb 19, 2018 15:09

    Link to duplicate issue 960479 is dead.

  6. E2c3f69f4fbd47a89a10d0bb3b8098b0?d=mm


    Feb 17, 2018 20:37

    I created a script that finds all the Meshkolliders and removes them. But this is certainly not the solution ...

  7. 86133d9bd7fe2a0d4c780235dff2b840?d=mm


    Feb 14, 2018 13:57

    I just found workaround. Disable Cloth gizmos and when applying prefab make sure Cloth component is not visible in inspector. It works for us.

    Looks like it creates temp meshcollider for painting/editing tools and when hitting apply it saves it into prefab file.

  8. 4e118b4b87b555c06469d183b1034ea0?d=mm


    Jan 03, 2018 18:31

    Actually after step 4, you can see two MeshColliders are added to the prefab instance already.

  9. 2a4a57586c01e70446bde4ceaa07b5aa?d=mm


    Jan 01, 2018 08:36

    Voted. Also, though anecdotal, It's been a bug since 2017.3.0b1 as far as I know.

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