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Reflection is shifted with left and right eyes in VR



Steps to reproduce:
1. Download and open the latest attached project(OC Link)
2. Enter Playmode

Expected result: reflection is rendered normally
Actual result: reflection is rendered shifted to the sides while in VR

Reproduced on 5.4.3p3, 5.5.1p4, 5.6.0b10
Water shader is broken after importing to 5.3

-The reflection is not shifted when VR is not enabled
-This only happens in Single-Pass, Multi-Pass is fine

Comments (5)

  1. B6d432a25d4935b54b25d121e16af005?d=mm


    Apr 15, 2019 13:47

    This is still an issue in Unity 2019.1.0f1 and LWRP 5.10 and 5.12 and Single-Pass. It’s reproducible using the Github BoatAttack LWRP water demo for both Oculus Rift ( and an HTC Vive tester said it’s also reproducible). The reflections are double in each eye. With LWRP 5.7 I actually got 4 copies in the Boat Attack demo.

    Should I report this as a different bug since it’s with LWRP?

  2. 8818c6822c4a535a6616700dbd7922a9?d=mm


    Feb 15, 2018 14:08

    Any movement on this?

  3. 1a64c1769180e2b3c1761411a9c07cbf?d=mm


    Aug 17, 2017 19:18

    This happens in both Multi-Pass and Single-Pass rendering when using OpenVR and not happens when using Oculus Runtime in 5.6.3f1. WaterProDaytime prefab was used.
    With Water4Advanced prefab it's different. Water not rendering correctly for both Oculus and OpenVR runtimes when Single-Pass rendering enabled. With Multi-Pass rendering water looks correct for both Oculus and OpenVR.

  4. 3c0d40f03571bb2e52d0a1c18659b260?d=mm


    May 06, 2017 07:39

    The water shader has not been updated for single pass

  5. E01f51c8f2d1961630f95b23b56c83c4?d=mm


    Apr 11, 2017 14:13

    I find this issue appears in 5.6.0f3 with Multi-Pass when running in Cardboard mode for iOS.

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