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Recording rotations in Timeline gives unpexpected incorrect values



When recording animation on a Timeline track, rotation values are not properly evaluated and existing values change. Existing keys/values should never be affected by a new key, at a new time, but they are. This also results in the the Inspector showing one value, and the curve another, for the same frame/time.

-create a Cube
-create a Timeline
-enable rec mode
-set a first rotation key (0,0,0) at time 0
(keys at time 0 have 0,0,0 values)
-move time to frame 60 and set another rotation key with a rotation value
(keys at time 0 now have 0,0,-360 values = bad)
-move time to frame 30 and set another rotation key with a new rotation value
(keys at time 0 now have 0,-360,0 values = bad)
(this value also some times becomes 180, 180,-180)
workaround: disabling/re-enabling the Timeline Preview mode resets first key values to expected 0,0,0
see attached TLrec.mp4

This does not repro in a standalone Animation Window, and is Timeline related.

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    Aug 18, 2020 16:05

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