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Prompt for user action (overwrite, rename, cancel) when moving files in Project View and destination filename already exists

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Expected result: When moving a file that has the same file name as the destination's file a prompt should show up letting the user decide whether he wants to move and rename the files or cancel the whole moving process.

Actual result: If you're trying to move a file that has the same filename as one of the files in the destination then the move will be blocked. If you're moving multiple files and at least one of them has a duplicate filename then the same will occur preventing you from moving all of the files with no explanation/prompt.

Note: when moving, the feature needs to compare the full list of assets that are to be moved between each other as well and not just the destination. The current behaviour causes issues between duplicate filenames when moving from multiple separate folders.

Here's an example scenario of the problem:
1. have one folder with files named "test1" "and "test2"
2. have another folder with different files named "test2" and "test3"
3. try to move all of the files to a separate third folder.
Issue: "test1" and "test3" will get moved correctly but only one "test2" will go through with the move. One of the "test2" files gets left behind.

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2021.1):

    New duplicate file name prompt added in: 2021.1.0b2

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