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Fixed in 2018.2

Fixed in 2017.3, 2018.1



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Projects built with .NET 4.6, DateTime.Now always returns current UTC time regardless of your current local time



Reproduction steps:
1) Download and open project
2) Build and run "TimeTest1.unity" scene on an Android device
-- Notice that time printed is not same as device's current time (few hours difference)

Note: Issue is not reproducible with .NET 3.5 Scripting Runtime Version.

Reproduced with:
2017.3.0a4, 2017.2.0b7, 2017.1.0p4, 2017.1.0a3
5.5 and older versions do not support .NET 4.6 Scripting Runtime Version

Devices under testing:
Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 6.1
LG Nexus 5x, Android 7.0
Samsung Galaxy S4, Android 4.2.2
LG G3, Android 5.0
iPhone SE, iOS 9.3

Not reproducible on Standalone
Reproduced on Android and iOS

Fixed in: 2017.4.1f1, 2018.1.0b12, 2018.2.0a1

Comments (16)

  1. D7077626679827594f806f007c9c0225?d=mm


    May 12, 2020 09:53

    Datetime.Utc now is off by -4min in a Samsung galaxy s5 device,
    Unity version: 2018.4.5f1.
    Tested with Redmi note 8 pro and DateTime.Utc now is OK.

  2. 5505f9574572edd1103f430cad8631fe?d=mm


    May 15, 2018 16:15

    Anyone googling this issue?
    Fully fixed in the full release of Unity 2018.1.0f2

  3. 4ea7a489fb8beee5560a31db43f5cea3?d=mm


    Apr 16, 2018 20:49

    I can confirm that this issue is also presented on android build using 2017.3.1f1 with .NET 4.6 run time, and my device is Nexus 6p.

  4. 5505f9574572edd1103f430cad8631fe?d=mm


    Apr 02, 2018 16:13

    Yes, this is confirmed fixed in b13

  5. Ca386ff5a317a37e7f7880c2ab7bd916?d=mm


    Mar 23, 2018 08:31

    For anyone interested in what "future version" this is actually fixed in:
    The 2018.1.0b12 beta release notes list this bug as fixed.

    I assume this means it will be fixed with the final release of 2018.1 but Unity probably leaves that open until it's finalized and changes the status to note what version it's fixed in when it knows for sure I suppose.

  6. 9a56d0c2fa7a428cf177364f0de05978?d=mm


    Mar 12, 2018 11:18

    Still not working on .Net 4.6

    (And i can't vote)

  7. 5505f9574572edd1103f430cad8631fe?d=mm


    Feb 27, 2018 18:06

    Thank you to the post by MKDEROYJAN (10, 2018 19:36).
    Unity 2017.3.1f1 still has this issue. Any timeline of the update to fix this?

  8. 2d598f70b2bd1d828a195ced8abd7e9e?d=mm


    Feb 27, 2018 02:01

    This is how I'm "fixing" the issue in my current project. It requires an extra method call, which does a JNI call, and it seems that the app needs to be completely running before calling it or else the app crashes.

  9. 00caed3d1b349c4c012ec4b2e07cbe1c?d=mm


    Feb 06, 2018 23:08

    I can also confirm that this is not fixed in 2017.3.0p4 using .net 4.6

    On iOS build System.DateTime.UtcNow and System.DateTime.Now both return the same value.

  10. B019a66c63ab45e6e9f00de09b1fcfd6?d=mm


    Feb 05, 2018 10:12

    In what version of Unity 2017.3 is this bug supposed to be fixed? I checked 2017.3.0f3 and 2017.3.0.p4 and both of those still have the same issue when using .NET 4.6.

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