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Fixed in 2021.3.28f1, 2022.3.3f1, 2023.1.1f1, 2023.2.0a15



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Project settings window serializing the built platform in ProjectSettings.asset



How to reproduce:
1. Download and open the attached project
2. Open ProjectSettings/ProjectSettings.asset in a text editor (note that "selectedPlatform : 0")
3. Open the Project Settings window in the Unity Editor
4. Open the Build Settings window, switch platform to iOS, and create a build
5. Open ProjectSettings/ProjectSettings.asset again in a text editor

Expected result: "selectedPlatform : 2" setting is serialized into a user-specific file
Actual result: "selectedPlatform : 2" setting is serialized into a project-specific file

Reproducible with: 2021.3.13f1, 2021.3.18f1, 2022.2.6f1, 2023.1.0b3, 2023.2.0a1
Not reproducible with: 2020.3, 2021.3.12f1

Change was introduced by fix for UUM-15556

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2023.2.0a15):

    Verified with 2023.2.0a15

  2. Resolution Note (fix version 2023.1.1f1):

    Verified with 2023.1.4f1

  3. Resolution Note (fix version 2022.3.3f1):

    Verified with: 2022.3.3f1

  4. Resolution Note (fix version 2021.3.28f1):

    Verified with: 2021.3.28f1

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