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Fixed in 2019.4.X, 2020.1.X, 2020.2.X



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[Profiler] The CPU Profiler -> Hierarchy view's "Show Calls" view does not count Calls correctly for the "Called From" section



Steps to Reproduce:
1. Add the Test.cs file to an Empty project and attach the component to something in the scene.
2. Run the game with and profile it with the Profiler Window
(Alternatively, load the attached file into the Profiler Window)
3. In the Profiler Window, select the CPU Profiler Module,
4. Open Hierarchy view
5. Navigate to find the sample PlayerLoop/Update.ScriptRunBehaviourUpdate/BehaviourUpdate/Test.Update() samples
6. From Details dropdown in the top right hand corner of the Hierarchy View's panel, select "Show Calls"
7. Select the "RecursionTest" or "NonRecursionTest" Sample and observe the "Called From" part of the view

Expected: The calls column for the "Called From" entry for the Test.Update Callee shows the same number as the Hierarchy view, i.e. 2 for "RecursionTest" and 40 for "NonRecursionTest".
Actual: Supposedly, Test.Update calls both of these only once.

Note: This works for the Raw Hierarchy view, suggesting that the number is incorrectly calculated based in the merged call stacks of the Hierarchy view.

This is probably broken since the implementation of this feature.

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 2021.1):

    Fixed in - 2021.1.0a1

  2. Resolution Note (fix version 2020.1):

    Fixed in - 2020.1.14f1

  3. Resolution Note (fix version 2019.4):

    Fixed in - 2019.4.19f1

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