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Profiler shows unnecessary entries when deep profiling



Profiler shows irrelevant data when profiling a method from a script with Deep Profile enabled.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Open the attached project ''.
2) Open scene '1.unity'.
3) Open the Profiler.
4) Enable 'Deep Profile'.
5) Play the scene for a brief moment and stop.
6) Select the very beginning of the profiler plot.
7) In the Overview of the Profiler, expand an entry named 'TestScript.Start().
8) Expand Profiler.BeginSample().

- The Start() function of the script 'TestScript.cs' is being profiled.
- Notice how the Profiler shows calls to BeginSample() and EndSample(), and the label given to the profiler entry in the script is only displayed after expanding several other entries. This makes deep profiling scripts difficult.

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