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Profiler keeps remote connection after closing



Unity standalone player is running in a Linux machine and the Unity editor is running on a Windows 7 machine.
- From the editor we open up the profiler and connect to player running in the Linux machine to profile the game.
- After we are done with the profiler, close the profiler window (by pressing the 'x' button) or exit the Unity editor

- Note that the Unity player (in Linux machine) is still collecting profiler data even though nobody is consuming it. Because of this it is slow (== high CPU usage and low FPS)
- Expected behavior: upon profiler window close or editor exit, the Linux player should stop collecting profile data and go back to "normal" operation

This issue is reproducible in any unity project (the issue is in Editor). If you have a somewhat heavy Unity game and has a mechanism to display FPS on screen, you can notice that (without connecting profiler, FPS will be at certain number, after connecting profiler it will come down, when you close the profiler window or editor, it will still remain at low FPS).

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  1. Eeeb34d5fe81c3209632ffbc099a1507?d=mm


    Jan 20, 2017 03:12

    I'm seeing a potentially similar problem in 5.4, with a windows client. In fact, it appears the Editor profiler is still even connecting to that same client whenever the client starts. I can only stop it by going into the profiler and selecting 'Editor' as the 'Active Profiler'.

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