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Previously selected variables are carrying over when changing to a different kind of variable types

Package: Visual Scripting


Steps to reproduce:
# Extract Google Drive attachments internal-platformer-kit - Visual Scripting
# Open Level1 Scene.
# Select the Player GameObject in the Hierarchy window.
# Find/Create a Set Variable or Get Variable node in the Script Graph Window
# Change the Variable Kind drop down to Object.
# Select Health
# Change the Variable Kind drop down to Scene.

Expected Results: Default variable is Null/Blank and does not list Health

Actual Results: Default variable is Health and cannot be changed.

  1. Resolution Note:

    Not a bug. As the user can type the variable name in the name field, it has been decided that it is painful to have to re-type it when the variable type is changed (especially because the user can select the wrong type and realize it later).

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