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Pressing Apply after changing ScrollRectContent position changes it to close but different value



Reproduction steps:
1. Open attached project
2. Select Canvas/ScrollView/Viewport/Content in Hierarchy
3. Change PosX to negative value (say -100)
4. Press Apply several times

Expected: changes apply to the prefab, position doesn't change
Actual: position changes

Changes revert after saving scene

Reproduced on: 5.5.0f3, 5.6.0a1, 5.6.3f1, 2017.1.0a1, 2017.1.0p3, 2017.2.0b5, 2017.3.0a2

Cannot reproduce on 2018.3.0a1, seem already fixed

Comments (6)

  1. 7ce394a973b48a95163d9617b6c05fe2?d=mm


    Apr 14, 2018 08:15

    This is a very big problem for the project I'm working on, because my game relies heavily on built-in UI elements and I've already gone pretty far with them. Simply not making prefabs isn't a choice either, because my project greatly depends on those as well.

    I hope something gets done about this, because no matter how I hard I try I can't think of any reasonable workarounds. What scares me the most is the thought of never finding a workaround and this issue never being fixed. If that happens, I'll either be stuck forever or have to start all over.

  2. 818679c15c826732cb18419e61ac6241?d=mm


    Feb 15, 2018 11:09

    Same as Subhojit, one of my corrupted object is as deep as 4 transforms in.

  3. E0fd74c042ece4dd263089ddc72ba813?d=mm


    Jan 23, 2018 10:02

    This is a massive issue that has affected *every single project* I've worked on since uGUI was introduced and the fact that apparently nothing has been done about it is extremely concerning.

    This issue has caused us massive delays and many, many hours of lost productivity.

  4. Fee47c4ce817ee256a1943cd3520b08c?d=mm


    Jan 13, 2018 18:27

    I am having same issue. My project doesn't contain deep hierarchy. This problem I am facing only in 2017.30.f3 version of Unity.

  5. 3a8e2198b862562f9442b95b12023a78?d=mm


    Nov 21, 2017 18:42

    This bug applies to all RectTransforms that are deep enough in the hierarchy. This prevents us from creating UI prefabs and is a major blocker for our project.

  6. 58093f37ee627cc2c20be8ebca5e8d34?d=mm


    Nov 21, 2017 18:13

    This issue is FAR more urgent than this bug report would suggest.

    It applies to every RectTransform in the hierarchy of a canvas prefab.

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