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[Preset] Unable to delete a tag from TagManager preset asset

Asset - Importers


UnityException: Tag: error thrown while deleting a tag from TagManager preset asset.

Steps to repro:
1. Create a new project.
2. Edit > Project Settings > Tags and Layers > create its preset.
3. Project > Select TagManager preset asset > Inspector.
4. Tags > Click on "+" > Add "Test1" Tag.
5. Try to delete added Tag.

Actual Result:
Unable to delete a tag from TagManager preset asset and UnityException error is thrown in the console.

Expected Result:
Tag should be deleted without any error in the console.

Reproducible in:
2021.2.0a6, 2021.1.0b9, 2021.1.0a1.

Note: Tags cannot be added in TagManager preset asset in 2020.2.3f1.

Occurring on Windows 10 & Mac 10.15.

Stack trace:
UnityException: Tag: TEst1 is not defined.
UnityEngine.GameObject.FindWithTag (System.String tag) (at <a5b0b1ba42824c50bb03d412a236cc6e>:0)
UnityEditor.TagManagerInspector.RemoveFromTagsList (UnityEditorInternal.ReorderableList list) (at <374fc8f7339747be937094441020097b>:0)
UnityEditorInternal.ReorderableList+Defaults.DrawFooter (UnityEngine.Rect rect, UnityEditorInternal.ReorderableList list) (at <374fc8f7339747be937094441020097b>:0)
UnityEditorInternal.ReorderableList.DoListFooter (UnityEngine.Rect footerRect) (at <374fc8f7339747be937094441020097b>:0)
UnityEditorInternal.ReorderableList.DoLayoutList () (at <374fc8f7339747be937094441020097b>:0)
UnityEditor.TagManagerInspector.OnInspectorGUI () (at <374fc8f7339747be937094441020097b>:0)
UnityEditor.Presets.PresetEditor.DrawInternalInspector () (at <374fc8f7339747be937094441020097b>:0)
UnityEditor.Presets.PresetEditor.DrawPresetData () (at <374fc8f7339747be937094441020097b>:0)
UnityEditor.Presets.PresetEditor.OnInspectorGUI () (at <374fc8f7339747be937094441020097b>:0)
UnityEditor.UIElements.InspectorElement+<>c__DisplayClass59_0.<CreateIMGUIInspectorFromEditor>b__0 () (at <cfee44c50c74452d92e0643773711d9d>:0)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr, Boolean&)

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