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[Preset] FBX preset's animation root node value is not updating in Realtime

Asset - Importers


FBX Preset's animation root node value is not updating in Realtime

Steps to Repro:
1. Create a new or open attached project
2. Import a 3D model
3. Click on its Preset icon
4. Save FBX importer preset
5. Goto Preset and enter a valid Root Node name for Imported FBX
6. Again Select FBX and click on Preset icon
7. Apply the FBX preset
8. Apply settings For FBX model
9. Deselect and reselect model

Actual Result:
1. On selecting preset root node values are not changing
2. After Applying FBX setting the new root node value is displaying after reselecting prefab

Expected Result:
Root node value should get updated in real-time

Windows and Mac

Occurring with:

Note: The behavior for Animation Root Node prefab was different earlier

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