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[Performance Regression] Prefab PerformanceTest: MeasureSaveTimeForPrefab(20,1,1,1000) is significantly slower

Asset - Database


The PrefabSaveTests test: Test: MeasureSaveTimeForPrefab(20,1,1,1000) is significantly slower in 2019.3 than 2019.2 or 18.4

It looks like the regression was introduced with the change-set: 2019.3.0a1 (25828b1b312)
There is a second, even worse regression introduced in 2020.1.a5 (1e4819d07b04)

Platform observed on - MacOS

To observe the issue:

  1. Resolution Note (2019.3.X):

    The regression with performance is due to the performance tests are leaking objects. If you run the performance test just one, v1 and v2 performance is similar. Asset db v1 runs a garbage collection during import and with v2 the garbage collection has been removed. In v2 we want the import to leave the loaded objects state the same before and after imports. By added a single clean up of objects (EditorUtility.UnloadUnusedAssetsImmediate();) in the test, the performance test runs much fast with v2.

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