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Prefab's references are lost when modifying prefab

Scene Management


How to reproduce:
1. Open attached "" project
2. Go to Assets -> Scenes and open 'SampleScene'
3. Click on 'Spawner' and call 'Log' in the ContextMenu in the Inspector
4. Observe the Console
5. Go to Assets, open Enemy in Prefab Mode and edit it (e.g. change the position)
6. Repeat 3, 4 steps

Expected result: Console returns 'Enemy(Enemy)'
Actual result: Console returns 'null'

Reproducible: 2018.3.2f1, 2019.1.0a14, 2019.2.0a1
Not reproducible: 2017.3.0a1, 2017.4.18f1, 2018.3.0a11

Fixed in: 2018.3.6f1, 2019.1.0b4, 2019.2.0a6

Comments (48)

  1. pitrmain

    Mar 09, 2019 12:03

    Still happening in 2018.3.6f1

  2. ksakins

    Mar 03, 2019 20:35

    I'm having this issue as well, my game object references keep disappearing randomly from prefabs and objects in the hierarchy. It seems to happen after saving, build, or completely just at random times. Very frustrating, and I basically cannot work on my game at all until this is fixed. I spend all my time re-adding game object references that keep disappearing.

  3. PJbigscreen

    Feb 18, 2019 12:10

    Same, please fix!

  4. superbcorperation

    Feb 18, 2019 04:04

    This bug still remains on unity 2018.3.5f1

  5. K_Seungbeom

    Feb 18, 2019 04:03

    This bug still remains on unity 2018.3.5f1

  6. Xtro

    Feb 16, 2019 00:24

  7. Xtro

    Feb 15, 2019 21:54

    It looks like this is fixed in 2018.3.6 but actually it's not. I'll send a new bug report.

  8. AMO_Noot

    Feb 13, 2019 01:19

    Hey, if this isn't fixed can we actually get a fix, guys? Nobody wants to upgrade if it legit breaks everyone's projects. Stuff like this needs to be a top priority.

  9. Mehrdad995

    Feb 06, 2019 16:22

    Hi again,
    The Issue that I mentioned earlier seems a little bit different for me,
    Apparently, I only faced it once I upgraded the project and again Apparently all the meshes that had a similar name where missed,
    i.e. for my road, it's is segmented and in 3Ds Max I named all road meshes for all segments as "road" without any number to distinguish them and most of them are missing.

    p.s. why can't we remove comments? I think my issue is different so I just wanted to remove it.

    thanks for the support btw

  10. Mehrdad995

    Feb 06, 2019 15:11

    This really sucks, it has broken my project which I'm working on for almost 18months
    switched to 2018.2.3f1 and had enough bugs to made me switch to 2019.1.0a14 and I wish I stayed on 2017 version.
    now my gigantic prefab has lost almost all of its mesh components reference and I have to re-assign over 200 meshes, come on :/

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