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Pre-Export step invocation of AoT method causes error

Package: Visual Scripting


A user whose project is made in Bolt visual scripting needs to run a Pre-Export method in their build config (Ludiq.AotPreBuilder.PreCloudBuild). Doing so results in the error.

*Steps to Reproduce:*
1) Create a new 3d project in Unity 2020-2022.
2) Install the Bolt package.
3) Push the code to a source repository
4) Create a project in UCB.
5) Create a target in UCB for this repository that pulls for your source control repo.
6) In Advanced Options for the target, add a Pre-Export Method with a value "Ludiq.AotPreBuilder.PreCloudBuild"
7) Build the target.

ERROR: Caught exception invoking method 'PreCloudBuild': Trying to access plugin container before it is initialized.

*Expected Result:* 
No errors occur, and the AoT stubs are created, and the build does not fail from this Pre-Export error.

*Zendesk Ticket Example:*

  1. Resolution Note:

    Corresponding ISS issue is closed

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