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[PLM] Converged lightmap results are not cached

Global Illumination


In Progressive Lightmapper, converged lightmaps with Auto mode enabled are not written to GI cache. Therefore all the lightmaps need to be re-baked when editor is closed and re-launched instead of fetching them from GI cache. Compared to Enlighten, this is a disruptive workflow.

Steps for reproduction:
1) In a new scene, create a plane and a cube
2) Mark your GameObjects as `lightmap static`
3) Ensure that your light source is marked as `Baked` or `Mixed`
4) Ensure that Auto mode is enabled
5) Once the bake is done, save the scene and close Unity
6) Re-launch Unity
7) Observe that lightmaps are baked from scratch. Instead, intermediary results should be written to disk and fetched from cache.

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    Resolution Note:

    Postponed against necessary feature work.

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  1. 1d3261fa11dfa1be130edb34d5bb114c?d=mm


    May 07, 2018 20:46

    i think the cache system needs to have some kind of front end GUI, so you can see what scenes are cached, selecting and utilizing specific caches etc.

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