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Playing an animation when in play mode gives weird result on GO with rigidbody



Playing an animation when in play mode gives weird result on GO with rigidbody

1. Make an up and down animation for a GO that has a rigidbody on
2. Play the scene, play animation (from the Animation Window) at the same time.
3. The cube is displayed double, and it's flickering in the Scene view and Game view as well.
On objects without the rigidbody the animation is displayed properly even in play mode

Comments (3)

  1. scary_code_monkey

    Jan 31, 2017 17:32

    I hope this fix does get removed - I am with the other two commenters : it is a retrograde step that severly limits the ability to produce tweeks or over layered animations (over existing one) that is either proceduraly driven (Most of IK) or as stated, something like particles. I will have to run two versions of Unity just to make an .anim file to be imported into the higher version....
    I note that this had no votes & zero severity : if there where 'down votes' availible I would use them ... it apears the fix hinders more people than it helps.

  2. witson

    Jul 20, 2016 11:22

    If this fix will remain in the release version, then me and my team will have to stay on 5.3.4. We have a lot to work with animation, and it is often impossible to make one animation excluding the other. For example to configure the camera with the characters with their own controllers. The same applies to particles and many other things that do not displayed without a game mode.

  3. DaruKwon

    Jul 06, 2016 06:49

    I found bug fix in unity5.4.0b22
    "Disabled recording and playback ui in animation window when in game mode"
    and this is why disable recording in play mode.

    My effect system and editor using Unity animation system.
    If it released in Unity 5.4, I will not be able to modify effect animation any more in play mode.

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