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PhotoCaptureFrame Fails to Provide Camera Matrices on HoloLens 2



1. With the same Unity App built on top of Unity PhotoCapture and PhotoCaptureFrame API, it is able to take photo and retrieve CameraToWorld and CameraProjection matrices on HoloLens 1. The app works fine taking photo data, however, always fails to provide CameraToWorld and CameraProjection matrices on HoloLens 2.

2. How we can reproduce it using the example you attached
1) Have Windows SDK 18362 and VS2019 installed
2) Load UnityPhotoCapture scene into Unity 2019.2.17f1
3) Choose Universal Windows Platform as platform, and ensure capabilities WebCam, Microphone, Location and SpatialPerception are enabled, and Virtual Reality Supprt - Windows Mixed Reality is enabled as well.
4) Build and deploy the app onto Hololens 2
5) Once app gets launched, air-tap to take a photo and watch debug log. It prints out "Failed to get camera to world matrix!" and "Failed to get camera projection matrix!"

  1. Resolution Note (2020.2.X):

    Duplicate of 1297267. The newer bug has a repro project that shows more edge cases of the issue.

Comments (32)

  1. MatrixInception

    May 05, 2021 03:56

    Finally, we can confirm the issue of incorrect camera matrix on HoloLens 2 has been fixed in Unity 2019.4.24f1! Hooray for our HoloLens RoomScanner !

  2. Walkramis

    Apr 20, 2021 01:48

    This seems to (finally) be fixed in 2019.4.24f1!

  3. MatrixInception

    Feb 20, 2021 14:00

    Looks like Microsoft is working with Unity to solve this, but no timeline yet... see related MRTK github issue here:

  4. holoben22

    Feb 05, 2021 23:06

    Still not fixed for HL2 in Unity 2019.4.18f1

  5. jozhard

    Jan 12, 2021 16:35

    Still having the same issue with 2019.4.17f1: localToWorld matrix always has the same values. I don't know what the Unity team means with "Fixed".

  6. pocce90

    Nov 23, 2020 13:25

    @VSTREAMDIGITAL do you have a link for that issue?

  7. Walkramis

    Nov 20, 2020 07:53

    @VSTREAMDIGITAL do you have a link to that new issue?

  8. vstreamdigital

    Nov 19, 2020 10:40

    This is also still an issue for me in 2019.4.14f1, using Windows SDK 10.0.19041.0 and built for ARM on a Hololens 2 running the latest windows update.

    I've submitted a fresh bug report about it and referenced this one so maybe it'll help shine some light on the issue.

  9. MatrixInception

    Nov 16, 2020 23:13

    Tested with Unity 2018.4.29f1 deployed onto HoloLens 2, PhotoCaptureFrame.TryGetCameraToWorldMatrix() still returns the same matrix result for totally different positions and rotations for consecutive photos taken.

    This is very frustrating...

  10. Walkramis

    Nov 04, 2020 09:58

    With the latest release it seems that the projection matrix is being updated between captures, but for me the cameratoworld matrix is still always returning the same value. Since this has been "fixed" since August, is there some way to push this further or is this being worked on?

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