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Photo Capture callbacks are lost when Unity pauses during photo capture



If unity is paused during a photo capture, script callbacks may be lost and never called even after Unity resumes.
To reproduce, use the attached project.
The script in the project will continuously taking photos so long as no callbacks are dropped. If a callback drops, then the script will not update it's IsTakingPicture bool and will stop taking photos. This usually happens when an app is backgrounded during the photo capture process.

  1. Resolution Note (2021.2.X):

    There's a strange race-condition that prevents the StopPhotoModeAsync callback from firing when the app loses focus, primarily on HoloLens. Unfortunately, fixing this race-condition isn't trivial and changing the code paths will introduce significant regression risk for PhotCapture, KeywordRecognizer, and DictationRecognizer.

    Instead, as a good practice, the app should automatically Dispose all media capture objects (video, speech, photo, etc.) whenever the app loses focus. For example:

    private void OnApplicationFocus(bool focus)
    if (!focus && _photoCaptureObject != null)
    // Shutdown photo capture
    _photoCaptureObject = null;

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