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[Performance] Memory leak when pausing billboarded particles in editor play mode and switching to the scene view.

Visual Effects - Legacy


Repro steps:
1. Add a default particle system in the scene
2. (Optional) Increase the emission rate and max particle cap to make the leak more visible (100k cap, 10k emission rate)
3. Enter play mode
4. Open the Profiler window and observe the memory
5. Press pause and switch to the scene view
6. Unpause
7. Observe the memory usage increasing dramatically (video attached).

- issue introduced in 2018.3, present in 2019.1 as well
- fix already on the way, logging here to keep track

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  1. NeffWasHere

    Jan 29, 2019 01:28

    Is this fixed in release 2018.3.3f1?
    We are having a similar problem on Hololens when tracking is lost. Memory will spike and sometimes crash if particle systems are present, when tracking is lost, even if the gameobjects they were on have been destroyed.

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