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Particle System does not resume when its Culling Mode is set to "Pause" or "Pause and Catch-up," and particle position simulate in world space



How to reproduce:
1. Open the “Particle System Test” project
2. Open the “SampleScene”
3. Select the “Particle System” GameObject in the Hierarchy
4. Enable Looping in the Particle System component
5. Enter the Play Mode
6. Observe that no particles are seen in the Game View
7. Switch to the Scene View
8. Switch back to the Game View
9. Observe that particles are appeared in the Game View

Expected result: Simulation of the Particle System resumes in the Game View when its position is transformed to match the Main Camera’s view upon entering the Play Mode.
Actual result: Particle System’s simulation is not visible in the Game View

Reproducible in: 2021.3.33f1, 2022.3.14f1, 2023.2.2f1, 2023.3.0a16

Reproduced on: Windows 10
Not reproduced on: No other environments tested

Note: not reproducible if Scene View and Game View are split

  1. Resolution Note:

    Thank you for reporting a bug to Unity.

    We have reviewed the issue carefully, and in this case the team is unable to prioritize fixing this bug. Currently, we're focusing our resources on fixing more critical issues that affect a larger portion of our user base.

    Today we will be closing this case. Thank you again for taking the time to report this issue, and please let us know if there is anything else that changes the impact or severity of this issue.

Comments (1)

  1. peterho0218

    Dec 02, 2023 02:47

    I just leave the reproduction method using a new project here so that other users can know it and won't report it again.
    1. Create a new Basic Scene.
    2. Create a Particle System.
    3. Change the Simulation Space to 'World'.
    4. Change the Culling Mode to 'Pause'.
    5. Move the Particle System away from the Main Camera's view (e.g. Position 0, 0, -20).
    6. Start Play mode.
    7. Use the Inspector to move the Particle System into the Main Camera's view (e.g. Position 0, 0, 0).

    Expected result: Particles are shown in the Game view.
    Actual result: No particles are shown.

    - If the Scene view and the Game view are split in the editor, you should also make the Particle System leave your Scene view (e.g. just pan) before starting Play mode.
    - After starting Play mode, if you switch to the Scene view and look at the Particle System, the simulation resumes. It seems that the resuming logic depends on the Scene camera but not the Main Camera.
    - If you build the project and run it, there is no Scene view so the simulation will never resume. But in this way, you need a script to move the Particle System. Please note that you should not move it into the Main Camera's view too early (i.e. in the first frame). Otherwise, the simulation will not pause.

    It is just a tiny problem. The current alternative is setting the Culling Mode to 'Always Simulate'. But I still hope it can be fixed one day.

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