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[PaintTexture][Graphics] Sometimes blended textures disappear from Terrain when moving viewpoint in Scene and Game views



Steps to repro:

1. Open Unity;
2. Create new project;
3. Import attached 'terrainTextureBlending.unitypackage' package;

4. Notice that there is a terrain with several blended textures painted (5 textures with different opacity and target strength);
5. Scroll out in a scene view;

6. Notice that some textures disappear at certain viewpoint. Further scrolling out brings them back;
7. Select 'Main Camera' gameobject in Hierarchy view;
8. Increase Y position by clicking on Y in the Inspector position field, holding left mouse button and dragging it;

9. Observe the same behaviour in the Game view.

Expected result:
Blended textures should not disappear when changing viewpoint.

- Reproducible in: 5.4.0b6, 5.4.0b5, 5.3.2f1, 5.3.1f1;
- Reproducible in OSX 10.11.3;
- Game view texture disappearing doesn't reproduce on Retina screen (only on external monitor). Scene view disappearing reproduces on both Retina screen and external monitor;
- The issue happens only when the Scene view is scaled and doesn't happen in the fullscreen Scene view;

- Please note, that the bug doesn't reproduce always. For increasing reproduction possibility make sure that you did following:

1) Added 5 or ore textures to Paint Texture tab of the Terrain component;
2) Painted at least 3 textures overlapping each other with different opacity and target strength;
3) Have changed heightmap;
4) Have at least 3 textures overlap (one texture on top of each other), the highest one has less opacity and target strength. Also the highest-layered texture should be painted on a hill and on surface at the same time;
5) Have realtime auto lightmapping turned on.

If I find how to reproduce this bug more easily, I'll update description steps as well :)

  1. Resolution Note:

    This is caused by the blend control map having incorrect mip maps -- so at a distance (but before the LOD texture kicks in) you see incorrect blends.
    Unfortunately the bad state is just stored on disk here, we have no idea how it got into that state...
    We would definitely want to fix the path that puts the blend map into this state, but I don't think we want to do anything to detect this state & fix it automatically;
    that would be expensive, and this effect is very rare, and it is very easy to fix by hand, by simply painting anywhere.
    But definitely let me us know if you can reproduce this from scratch!

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