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[ODR] Memory not cleaned properly when OnDemandResourcesRequest is disposed



To Reproduce:

1. Open the attached project, on 'Loader' (Scene StartScene) uncheck 'Use Streaming Assets' and check everything else.
2. Build asset bundles 'Assets/Assetsbundles'.
3. Build the project for iOS or tvOS.
4. Deploy to a device, observe that"
- bundle 'levelbundle' is loaded and unloaded every 2 seconds using ODR.
- after each cycle overall memory usage increases by 30-40mb (see attached scn)
- at some point the app crashes because it runs out of memory.

This is only reproducible when using ODR and not when loading ABs directly:
- on scene 'Loader', check 'Use Streaming Assets' and uncheck 'Load ODR everytime'
- Build&Run the app, observe that each time the bundle is loaded/unloaded memory usage goes back to the initial point.


Fixed in 5.3.4p6

Comments (3)

  1. led42

    Apr 14, 2016 13:58

    I'm seeing this on 5.3.4p4, apple assetbundles with tvOS...

  2. peteEKwalee

    Apr 12, 2016 11:32

    I'm still seeing this on tvOS in 5.3.4p2

  3. peteEKwalee

    Apr 12, 2016 10:18

    Is this fixed in 5.3.4p2? I can't see it in any of the release notes.

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