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[Shaders] Some _Object2World references are not changed to unity_ObjectToWorld in 5.4



Reproduction Steps:
1. Create new project on Unity 5.3.4f1
2. Create new Shader
3. Copy Paste code from edit to the Shader
4. Notice that it compiles
5. Close project
6. Open this project with Unity 5.4.0b21
7. Notice that it does not compile anymore

Expected: All references to "_Object2World" should change to "unity_ObjectToWorld"
Actual: Not all references are changed. It is not renamed if "_Object2World" is followed by a period. (_Object2World.???)

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  1. QuantumTheory

    Jul 14, 2016 21:25

    Tested in 5.4.0f1. I have source control enabled and the shaders were not checked out, therefore they were not updated until I checked them out. Just a heads up.

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