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Object member initializers in C# scripts ignores values that are same default value of that type




public class SomeClass
public int SomeValue = 1;

SomeClass a = new SomeClass { SomeValue = 0 };
Debug.Log(a.SomeValue); // 1

To reproduce:
1) Open the attached scene and load 'test' scene
2) Play the scene and go to console tab
3) Notice that second line outputs 'b: 1 3 hehe' instead of 'b: 0 3 ', even though it is written in the code that it should change this value.

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  1. Neat-Sketch

    Aug 18, 2015 15:41

    I encountered this issue while working on my project too. It's a serious bug because a buggy programming language feature can potentially lead to even more serious problems.

    Here is another example of this issue. Just attach the following script to any active GameObject. You will see the result in the log.

    using UnityEngine;

    public class MyClass {
    public int a = -1;
    public int b = -1;
    public int c = -1;
    public int d = -1;

    public class TestScript : MonoBehaviour {

    void Start () {

    MyClass myObject = new MyClass {
    a = -1,
    b = 0,
    c = 42,
    d = 5

    Debug.Log (myObject.a); // prints -1
    Debug.Log (myObject.b); // prints -1 (Should be 0 !!!)
    Debug.Log (myObject.c); // prints 42
    Debug.Log (myObject.d); // prints 5



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