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NullReferenceException is thrown when editing the Name of a Sprite in a TextMeshPro Sprite Asset

Package: TextMeshPro


Reproduction steps:
1. Open the attached 'TestProject-2020.3' project
2. Observe the 'Assets/TextMesh Pro/Resources/Sprite Assets/SpriteAsset1.asset' file in the Inspector
3. Click on the 'Sprite Character Table' section to expand it
4. Modify the Name field of any of the Sprite entries and press Enter

Expected result: No errors are in the Console
Actual result: 'NullReferenceException' is thrown in the Console

Reproducible with: 3.2.0-pre.1 (2020.3.28f1), 3.2.0-pre.2 (2020.3.28f1, 2021.2.10f1), 4.0.0-pre.1 (2022.1.0b7, 2022.2.0a4)
Not reproducible with: 2.1.6 (2019.4.35f1), 3.0.6 (2020.3.28f1)

  1. Resolution Note (fix version 3.2.0-pre.3):

    Fixed in 3.2.0-pre.3 (2020.3.35f1)

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