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New connection dragged across graph space if editor window is unfocused before connecting to a unit

Package: Visual Scripting Bugs


1. Have an open Bolt 2 project and graph.
2. Create a connection from an existing graph node, drag to empty graph space to bring up unit options menu.
3. Unfocus editor by clicking on a different window.

Expected result: Connection remains where you clicked to bring up unit options.
Actual result: On unfocus the connection is dragged across empty graph space.

Not reproducible in: 2.0.0a6, 2.0.0a8, 2.0.0a10
Repro on branch release/2.0.0a12 using Unity 2020.2.0a15


* Tested on dual monitor set up.
* Unit search results are also lost across all Bolt 2 versions when unfocusing. In Bolt 1, if you unfocus while unit search is occurring, it will remember where you were when refocusing on the editor.
* Ran into this issue quite a lot working with Bolt in the last couple of days, can take you quite far away from the main part of the graph.

  1. Resolution Note:

    Bolt 2 will not be released as its own product. See for details.

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