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NetworkServer is not active Error when trying to spawn a GameObject



Description: There seems to be a problem when trying to spawn a GameObject with Client window. In Client window you can see the object being spawned, but on server side nothing happens. When trying to spawn this GameObject console shows "NetworkServer is not active" error (Image: "Image5.png"). This seems to be a very simple operations but for some reason it doesn't work in this project.

To reproduce:


1. Extract the project.
2. Launch "test.exe" which is located in the extracted folder.
3. Write a player name in field one (can be any name) (Image: "Image1.png").
4. Press "Create Server and Client" button.
5. A new scene should be opened. Mouse over the white flag located in the center of the map and Click on it (Image: "Image2.png").

Note: You should now be spawned on the map.


6. Open project with Unity 5.5.1f1 .
7. In the field 1 write player name (for example "test2") (Image: "Image3.png").
8. In the field 2 write "localhost" (Image: "Image3.png").
9. Press "Connect to server" button.
10. Click on the white flag.

Note: You should now be spawned on the map (Image: "Image4.png").

11. Press 'R' key to raise player hands.
12. Press and hold any mouse key (left or right) for 5 seconds, then release.

Expected results: "FireBall" game object is spawned in Clients scene and Server scene.
Actual results: "FireBall" game object is spawned in Clients scene, but not in Server scene. Console prompts Error: "NetworkServer is not active. Cannot spawn objects without an active server." (Image: "Image5.png").

Important notes:

1. All the Networking in the project seems to be made correctly. It seems all the requirements from are fulfilled.

2. User said the problem started to appear when he upgraded from 5.4 to 5.5.1f1.

3. These are the main scripts/lines that are responsible for spawning and commanding the server to spawn the game object:

Assets\Resources\Objects\AnimationObjects\Magic\FireBall\Script -> FireBall.cs -> CmdAnimations() function (Commands the server to spawn the game object).
You should probably lower the amount of time you need to hold the mouse button to spawn the "FireBall". You can do that in the same script, line 13.

Reproduces with: 5.5.0p4; 5.5.1p3; 5.6.0b6;
(5.4 can't handle the project)

The project is attached to the duplicate of this case (case number: 878119).

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  1. Ruby_and_Lucy

    Apr 06, 2018 03:36

    Why this defect was closed as BY DESIGN???

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