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Host becomes invisible on other clients after one of the clients disconnects



Check the Edit for attached files

Reproduction steps:

1. Open the attached project in Unity ((case_86170-NewTest.rar)
2. Open two instances of "S_Test.exe" file (case_86170-NewTestBuild.rar)
3. In Unity, open the ExampleScene
4. Enter play mode. (To enable wasd/space controls, press x)
5. Click on Host
6. On one of the opened clients, connect to the Host
7. Notice how you can see the Host player in the client
8. Close the opened client
9. Connect to the Host with an other one.
10. Notice how now you cannot see the Host player in the client

Expected: All clients receive the same information about the Host
Actual: You can't see the Host in clients, which connected after one client has been disconnected

Tested on: 5.5.0b4, 5.5.0b5, 5.4.1p1, 5.3.6p5

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