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Multiple overlaped GameObjects start rendering in the reverse order at the midway point of camera view



Steps to reproduce:
1. Open 'scene1.unity'
2. Press play, hold left mouse button to spawn ~10 ammo gameObjects
3. Press pause
4. Using the scene view object handle, move the cluster up and down vertically (in respect to the game view)
5. Note the rendering order changes at the midline
6. When the cluster is partway across the midline, bring the camera in closer to the GameObjects, and note the difference in rendering progress, yet the rendering order is incorrect no matter the distance to the GameObjects.

See screenshots user attached:
part1: The overlapping images below the midline
part2: The images above the midline
part3: (camera moved closer slightly) images partly accross midline
part4: (camera at regular position) images partly across midline, showing lines above midline starting to render in icorrect order

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